Monday, November 8, 2010

Work Work Work

My Sims 3 Character she's a fashion guru... XD
I'm playing around with alchemy and sites like that.. my anteater XD

Three works in the title? It has to be big right? Okay So big thing this semester is getting my BFA Thesis together! Some the color tests I did earlier in the year I'm going to have to scrap them and find a different technique.

I've been looking at a few different artists who use their pencil line work in their pieces. I'm loving Tracy Butler's style: The values and expressions on the characters faces are pure gold! She puts a lot of time into her comics please check it out.

Also I've been looking at Scott Campbell's work :
Thats just an example then he links the color version too. The color is done by another artist but I still look to see his line work and how she handles color.

Next thing is next Game production class! It's not a cakewalk let me tell you! But it's such an excellent class! Not many like it are offered here in the USA. Artists work with programmers to create a game in a semester! Luckily for the younger students they're making it a yearlong course. It will definitely enhance the work when they do that. Any who its crunch time for my group! So work work work work work!

Getting prepared for the real world.. WORK hahaha

There's a lot to work on this year and a lot on my mind. It's pretty hard to sort it out, but I keeping pushing on. I believe!


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