Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Grandma

My Grandma Bibis was a strong woman. She took care of both my mother and my uncle alone after her husband (my grandfather) died tragically in a jet plane collision. Growing up I remembered it was hard for her to get along with me. Not like she didn't love me she just had her own way of showing it. A few years back (almost three years now) she was diagnosed with cancer. That summer she needed help getting around because she also had dementia. I was there everyday taking care of her. She'd have tempers, but sometimes I'd see a very sweet side to her. She passed away peacefully in November of that same year. There was no funeral because she didn't want one. Some days like today it really hits me that she's gone. It's sometimes hard to believe she isn't here on this plane anymore. I'm happy she isn't in that failing body anymore, but I'm sad because I miss her dearly.


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