Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What I've been working on:

the images are backwards haha!

I'm working on my portfolio too, and soon will update my website.

Lessons I've learned from school:
-Work hard, because there's much to learn when you're in school.
-The professors who care will always be your toughest critics
-Be open to changing your work or starting over
-When you've hit an artist block realize it's something you're doing in your work that needs to change.
-Be open to critique, and use advice given.
-Sometimes you'll get what you believe to be crummy advice, but even crummy advice has a bit of good information in it.
-Draw draw draw draw draw
-If you find yourself unable to draw(bad drawing day)... keep drawing anyways to work yourself out of it.
-Don't draw to try to please others, make your artwork the way you want to
-technique is the most important thing to learn before finding style
-To become an artistic genius it takes hours and hours of work through out your life
-No excuses
-Have a passion for what you're doing
-find out your weaknesses and improve them.
-get out into your field of work and learn
-see what you like in other peoples work
-experience the world
-draw from personal experiences
-get inspired
-try new things
-never give up

There's probably more... But things I've learned over the years at school, and things never to forget.


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