Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rooster Knight

Started with some silhouettes of what he would be wearing. 
 Picked out one of them to render. I chose the colors from
 After fleshing out the armor, I worked on the details of the rooster.
 I used a black background when I rendered the wings, just incase some of the white accidentally spilled over. I flipped back from the black and white background tosee how well the "white" appeared on the white background.
I lightened the armor and started to render the flag.
My next steps are to finish the Rooster and draw expressions/ character studies.

Also I've thought about his backstory. He was once a human knight who crossed paths with a wizard having a bad day. The wizard wasn't too impressed with the knight transformed him into a chicken, and ran off. The knight, realized his form, and was horrified. He has to find a way to transform back to his original state whilst dodging hungry kingdom folk.

He stills needs a good name, because Sir Cock-A-Lot is pretty bad.

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