Sunday, April 1, 2012

My secret


I don't like to mention that I have a third eye, but I guess I should since quite a few people I've met recently, pointed it out. It happened when I started high school.. you know those "awkward teenage years" what first started out as a pimple grew into what looked like eyelids. I didn't REALLY put much thought into it because things like pimples appeared on my face quite regularly. One morning I got up to get ready for school. I noticed I wasn't looking out of two eyes anymore. I was looking out of THREE.

When I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror I was surprised to see another eye on my forehead. My sight out of my third eye was pretty blurry from what I remembered. I quickly cut my hair into long bangs and covered it up to not get teased or gawked at. 

After graduating high school and avoiding all torment. I decided to keep the hair out of my face and reveal my secret third eye.

Well if you know me and haven't noticed my third eye, I have to say that's pretty amazing. If you have and just haven't mentioned it I'm glad too because I'm a bit sensitive talking about it. But I figure I should talk about it now.

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