Monday, May 7, 2012

JaguarVille: a work in progress

Click to see the prototype (It is not finished yet). Scroll down on the page to see more designs. Does not work on mobile devices, iphones, ipads just yet:

In the last few days I've been working on my social game concept "JaguarVille". I focused on a few elements to show what I can do. This is far from finished, but I want to continue working on it.

Here's my idea for gameplay:

Players must choose their character and help them develop a society. Starting from a farmer, they develop their characters into eventual leaders. You can choose paths for your character, such as if you want to have them build up a Warrior society you can choose the warrior path, and learn to hunt and protect your "Village".

Your food and building amounts in the game contribute to the population. The more population you have the easier it is to collect food/build/protect city.

Different paths your character can choose, each path brings in new elements of gameplay:


Whatever the player chooses effects the NPC population.

Player can change paths or combine paths to create new and interesting gameplay.

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