Monday, June 16, 2014

Berlin Drink and Draw The Great Gatsby

Last Saturday was the Berlin Drink and Draw and the theme was The Great Gatsby. It was a super fun night and everyone dressed up in the theme!

I was glad I was able to go since the past week I have been sick with a cold and messed up my upper back. When Saturday came I was super worried I might have needed to stay home for the night. Luckily I was able to pull myself together.

I met up with my pal Mirsini and got ready at her place. She watched as I put on my make up. Long eyebrows, tiny cupid bow lips, and heavy eyeshadow. The look is definitely bold.


Then came Mirsini's turn for her makeup, I told her "Get ready to travel back in time!" When we finished it really did feel like a time warp.

Now onto the Party. We were greeted by other party goers in some amazing suits that fit the era. The elevator's frame was taped up like an art deco entrance. You felt very much like you were traveling back in time. When we got to the party floor the live swing band's music enchanted my ears and filled the room with a classy ambience ( Everyone was dressed in the theme it was so awesome.

We walked over to where the models were to begin drawing. It started with five minutes poses with some 10 minute poses thrown in.

I was inspired by the artist next to me to draw some stronger lines with some of the poses. There were many impressive artists there!

My cold started acting up later in the night, becoming dizzy, losing my voice, and headachey. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than what we would have liked. But overall we had a blast, and hope to attend the next one in July. I won't have a cold then and will be able to actually talk to people without losing my voice.

My favorite drawing of the night. He had awesome pants!

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